Courval | Pontbriand

  • Experts when it comes to selling companies

  • Always on the lookout for potential buyers

  • Dynamic approach

  • Transactions totalling more than $450 million

Our role : ensure a successful transaction

  • Since 2002, the focus of our operations has been clear.

    • Our only role is to sell companies.

    • We work with profitable private Quebec businesses whose estimated enterprise value exceeds $15 million.

  • Our efforts are directed towards identifying buyers who are financially solid and then maximizing the sales price.

  • We are always on the lookout for potential buyers to ensure a wider range of possibilities when a company is ready to sell.

    • We get off the beaten track, contacting as many potential buyers as possible outside Quebec and in diverse sectors.

    • Our strong international outlook leads us to look well beyond the Quebec business community in our search for buyers. Over the years, we have established a broad network of contacts among U.S. venture capital funds and multinational companies.

  • We spread out the search for potential buyers but make a point of preserving confidentiality.

  • We remain very actively involved throughout the sales process, preparing all the presentation documents and ensuring that they are completely professional. We assist both our client and the buyer at every step of the way.

    • In terms of the transaction structure, simplicity is our goal (e.g. minimal leverage; buyers who take a substantial equity stake).

    • We have significant transactional experience.

    • Since 2002, we have completed sales transactions totalling more than $450 million.

    • Selling a company is a long, complex process. Courval Pontbriand Inc. relies on advanced expertise that is instrumental in concluding highly satisfactory transactions.