Courval | Pontbriand

Sales process

In order to carry out our mandate rapidly and effectively, we follow the process outlined below.

Define the strategy

  • Understand the goals of the business owner-operator.

  • Choose a sales strategy: one-to-one approach, formal call for offers, etc.

  • Set a timeline.

  • Manage the entire process.

Evaluate your company and identify potential buyers

  • Do a preliminary assessment of the company's value based on comparable transactions, earnings, cash flow and assets.

  • Prepare a list of potential buyers by order of preference.

  • Identify advantages for potential buyers: market penetration, economies of scale, enhanced growth vs. internal development, elimination of competition, technology transfers, etc.

  • Access to multiple state-of-the-art financial databases by industries and also to our international network of contacts to identify potential buyers.

Draw up a company profile

  • Prepare a summary of the company profile in order to attract potential buyers. The summary does not reveal the identity of the seller.

  • Draft an information document covering topics such as the company history, products and services offered, operations, major clients and suppliers, personnel, main assets, competition and selected financial data.

Contact potential buyers

  • Contact the selected potential buyers.

  • Complete the formalities for the non-disclosure agreements.

  • Distribute the profile only to serious potential buyers who have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Organize presentations, tour of the facilities and answer questions.

  • Receive preliminary offers.

Negotiate the sale

  • Evaluate the offers and negotiate the provisions.

  • Determine earnout clauses, officers' roles following the transaction, consideration provided (cash and/or stock), etc.

  • Decide on the due diligence process.

  • Receive and analyze final offers.

Finalize the transaction

  • Assist the company's attorneys and accountants in the legal and accounting due diligence process and contract negotiations.

  • Review and comment on material transaction agreements.

  • Expedite the closing process.

  • Negotiate and close the transaction.